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Kenneth M. Sutton

Kenneth M. Sutton was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 4th, 1961
Ken started his music career when he was 11 years old playing the Drums,
his love of music has started him in Recording and singing when he was 15 years old on a 2-track tape player,
Ken would record himself singing like Elvis Presley and playing the Guitar which he taught himself to play.

Ken Sutton has played in various bands and has written and co-written many songs with other artist
Ken  has had Radio play in Detroit on WPON 1460 am and Internet Radio in and out of the USA.

Ken is now working on his career as a solo artist,
and has returned back to writing with his new albums"SweetKenny “Raw and Honest”, “The Whole World Is A Fantasy”
" FootSteps ", " Jennifer's Box Of Junk ", " Doo Hickey ", " Perception ", " Cracks In The Wall ", " INK! ", " This End Up! "
" Amazonian ", "Slobber", "Fleabag Hotel", " Ancient Hunter ", " The Walkers " Rise Of The Dead ", " Comic Book! " " Only Us Left Standing "
and his newest album  released on February 5th, 2016 titled " White Knuckles "

Ken has also composed the theme song for WoodBangers LLC Entertainment Network Titled
" A New Dawn " The Official WoodBangers Theme Song.
He's also writing/composing a new music for film/tv and games.

Ken has also had song placement in a " Finland Television Show Titled " SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING/episode 5 " DEVILS IN THE DETAILS " song title " FEEL THE FLOW " and in a ABC Family Episode Of " EXORCISMS AND GHOSTS FREAK ME OUT "
song titled " It's Scary Out There "

He has also been Accepted into Pump Audio music service.
And Soundfile Productions Inc. in LA. Soundfile Productions Inc, has also "Published" many of Ken's songs.(see foot note)

In 1984 Ken started his Recording career on a 4-track tape recorder and recorded for local players in Detroit, things started to work for Ken and he then moved up to an A-dat 8-track recorder. From then on Ken has not looked back and began Recording on a DAW, starting out with Steinberg's Cubase in 1993 and then moving up to Nuendo, Ken has attended Berklee Music ,and has recived Certification's,  in DeskTop Music Productions, Mixing and Mastering in Protools and Music Production.

Ken has recorded and Mastered for artists as:

Benny Lang : Guitar player for The Miracles, The Dramatics, The Temptations and other Motown artists.

Larry Johnson : Singer, Dancer and Actor in Detroit.

Highwater Detroit : ( Mastered their Albums )

Reverend Robert Sexton AllStar Blues Review Band:  ( Mastered their Albums 4 in total )

Ray Franks : Country Singer: KinRoss, MI.

Fred Evans : local Detroit Rapper

C- Stacks: Boston Rapper ( Mastered his songs for the radio and Album )

 MG Records: mastered cd ("FatBoy On A Sucker Free Diet" 2009)

Barbara Rose Collins ( Detroit City Council Woman ) Radio Spot.

Labyrinth : Detroit Rock Band. ( Ken Sutton )

and many more.........

Ken has also done the Album and DVD designs for Country / Blue Grass singer,  Ray Franks.

Things Ken has done:
All the video work was done by  (Ken Sutton), as was all the animation in the video's, Ken created all the character's in the animation.

Recorded all the songs, mastered all the songs, wrote all the lyric's to the songs, played on and produced the songs.

Ken designed all the art work to the Albums and DVD's, and created the DVD's.

Reverend Robert Sexton's AllStar Blues Review.
("HAVE MERCY" Music Video)

Ken also write's film scores and game scores, and many have been "Published" by "Soundfile Production Inc" in LA., Soundfile Productions Inc. has had placement in many tv shows CSI (CBS), Law and Order (NBC) and Sleeper Cell (Showtime). “War” (Lionsgate), “Waitress” (Fox), and “The Protector” (Weinstein Company) to name a few.

Ken has also completed (2009), "TWO" (2) animated music video's for Boston, Ma. rapper C-STACKS as well as designed his new album "C $TACK$, MY STORY". as well as the dvd's "SEX GAMES" and "WHEN I TAKE OFF" by C STACKS. Ken has also designed and edited the raw interview rappers show "The Corner" hosted by C-Stacks and seen on youtube.com

He has also designed the new Ray Franks album titled " LOOK UP! Ray Franks Sings Country Gospel". that has been released in June 2009

Ken also done the album design for Ray Franks album titled " Come Join Our Tea Party, Let's Take America Back!" 2010 and a music video for title song “Let's Take America Back”

He also designed the new Ray Franks album titled " Ray Franks Sings Classic Country Hits " that was released in April 2014
Ken did all the studio recording/mixing/mastering and design work for this album.

Ken also created an animation cartoon titled “Quest For The Hearts Of SweetKenny”
 in (2011) that you can see here on his website www.sweetkenny.com and also on youtube at www.youtube.com/sweetkenny1 and www.vimeo.com.

“ I am a creative artist and love what I do ”



Things SweetKenny Likes To Do

Things Ken Sutton (SweetKenny) Likes To Do.

 Bodybuilding: I enjoy working out and lifting weights, I have always been an active person, even when I was a kid I was a limber one. every job I ever work was a physical type job, so bodybuilding fits me to a tee. and now it's apart of everyday life for me. Animation: I love to do animation, I have so many story's inside me I want to get out and animation is the best way for me. I love the idea that if you can think and see it you can create it. But! I still have a lot to learn. I'm just still a newbee. Video and Film: I love movies, everything about them. the special effects, the music, the story, the making of it. I'm a very creative person and I see in my head how a song would fit in to a film or a video. just creating a video from a song is a lot of fun for me, I could spend hours working on it and not think of any thing but it. Outdoors: I love the outdoors. I feel free outside in the sunshine, I also like rainy days too, there's something about walking in the rain. I like to camp, and just relax outside. Music: Music to me is "Life" at it's best. everything around us is music, from the train to the car noise, to the hammer and nail we hear music. I like all types of music, everything from classical to eastern music. I grew up on Elvis Presley, In fact you could say he was and still is my mentor in music. Elvis taught me how to sing and how to work a stage, how to make a song my own, to take a song and look someone in the eye and sing to them and make them feel it's all about them and only them when the room is full. I love everything about music, and my voice came from The Lord and when the Lord gives you something you just want everyone to hear you. Recording: I got started in recording because no-one would record me, and the ones who would wanted an arm and a leg for it. so I learned how and fell in love with it, now I do my own...

What I'm Doing Now - Ken Sutton (SweetKenny)

What I'm Doing Now

After doing other peoples projects I SweetKenny (Ken Sutton)
realized that all the work I put into others
I should be putting into myself.

So I got to work and started writing some songs
and in no time I had 5 (five) songs written
and recorded.

Then one day I got an email from Hostbaby.com
telling me that I have a coupon for a Free sign up to Cdbaby.com
so I got working harder in my writing and I have now put out
 new album's titled
"SweetKenny Raw and Honest" "SweetKenny The Whole World Is A Fantasy" and "FootStep" and a bunch more which are all on this site.

I am now working new music for film / games and television, and also designing a video game titled " Escape Of The Desert Rat", along with a host of other projects I'm doing.


(Ken Sutton)


The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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