Perception album release date June 30, 2013




Ken Sutton ( SweetKenny ),


On writing back to back albums:


I started writing back to back albums because Host Baby keeps sending me Free Coupons to join CD Baby. That's $50.00 to join and have an album signed up with them and $20.00 for a bar code. In doing back to back albums it has made me a better writer and player. It keeps me thinking and the pressure of doing it it is fun, I have six (6) albums out in less then 2 years and am now working on my 7th album now due to be released on October 31st, 2013.

most out there don't have 5 songs or even their first album completed and still are working on making it so called shine, it's taking them years to do and hours of work and it's never done. Me! I have so much music going through my head and this is the outlet I need.




Thanks so much!!!




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