Things Ken Sutton (SweetKenny) Likes To Do Bodybuilding: I enjoy working out and lifting weights, I have always been an active person, even when I was a kid I was a limber one. every job I ever work was a physical type job, so bodybuilding fits me to a tee. and now it's apart of everyday life for me. Animation: I love to do animation, I have so many story's inside me I want to get out and animation is the best way for me. I love the idea that if you can think and see it you can create it. But! I still have alot to learn. I'm just still a newbee. Video and Film: I love movies, everything about them. the special effects, the music, the story, the making of it. I'm a very creative person and I see in my head how a song would fit in to a film or a video. just creating a video from a song is alot of fun for me, I could spend hours working on it and not think of any thing but it. Outdoors: I love the outdoors. I feel free outside in the sunshine, I also like rainy days too, theres something about walking in the rain. I like to camp, and just relax outside. Music: Music to me is "Life" at it's best. everything around us is music, from the train to the car noise, to the hammer and nail we hear music. I like all types of music, everything from classical to eastern music. I grew up on Elvis Presley, In fact you could say he was and still is my mentor in music. Elvis tought me how to sing and how to work a stage, how to make a song my own, to take a song and look someone in the eye and sing to them and make them feel it's all about them and only them when the room is full. I love everything about music, and my voice came from The Lord and when the Lord gives you something you just want everyone to hear you. Recording: I got started in recording because no-one would record me, and the ones who would wanted an arm and a leg for it. so I learned how and fell in love with it, now I do my own... If any of you have "Things You Like To Do", post them here, I sure would like to hear them. SweetKenny

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The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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