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SweetKenny's " INK! " is a " Heavy Rock " fun album, with a mix of instrumental guitar and vocal songs.
It's a 10 track album with songs like " Shake, Shake, Shake! " , " Bridge To No-Where ", and " They Like It Naughty ". with his free style playing on this album makes it a must have album to listen to and have.  This album has alot of fun to it with his song " It's All Because Of You ", about past girlfriends, and his guitar song " Up And Down " about life. There's something for everybody on this album to enjoy!

Note from Kenneth Sutton*** I thank God everyday for my gift in music, I thank him in every way and am thankful that it is a blessing to you all!!

God bless!!!

SweetKenny's INK!

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The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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