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Sound Cloud. Great site to be heard.

You can find SweetKenny here on This is a great site to get you music out there with alot of "FREE" opps.

SweetKenny can "NOW" be found on Music Reach. This is a "GREAT" site to get notice.

SweetKenny can "Now" be found on Reverbnation. you can also buy ringtones and song downloads at his store there too.

SweetKenny can now be found on this site is a new network site for artist like us, so join now because it's FREE!!!!!!!!

SweetKenny is now on this site can really get you to the right people and it's Free.

This has gotta be the best site I have found for sound fx and music loops. If your into video and animation like I am,  then this is the place you need to go. I have "Never" had a problem with the sound fx or the loops from them and everything is on the "ONE"
 Partners In Rhyme

 Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects. Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme.


Scott Schroen Music

You want to learn how to play guitar just like Steve Vai?

Learn the music of Frank Zappa?

Scott Schroen is the guy for you, he can teach you all this and more...

Trust me, I've known him for 30 plus years and he knows his stuff.

So check him out!


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LA. Web Radio Site.
I don't know if some of you are into Bodybuilding like I am... but this site has help me in the past and even now. All on this site have very good reps, so it's a safe site. SweetKenny
Muscle and Fitness
You want to know all their is to know about fitness! this site and magazine has been around along time. this is one of the frist muscle magazine's and in fact it's the one Arnold Schwarzenegger write's an article for. so if you want to learn about muscle & fitness this site is for you. SweetKenny
Here you can find some of my work for the hiphop video show "The Corner hosted by C Stacks", and other video work I have done.

Here you can get reviewed by others and you can review them


Great promo site!


Site to promo your music


Great site for A&R reviews


The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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