Pages The Break Of Dawn

Kenneth M Sutton / Paul N Burns


This song kinda just happened, I wrote the music as a dreamy thing and was in a off mood when I played it. I put it on the back burner so to speak and went on to the next song. Then one day I was putting ads out to find players and came across a Drummers ad ( Paul Burns aka " dorothy " ) in a local music store. I called him and sent him over a copy of my last album " Doo Hickey " to check out, about 2-3 hours later he was at my house and we started talking over music. I played him the song and he said I got lyrics to it if you don't mind me singing it, will I said have a chair son and let me hear it. his lyrics fit right on and in about 2 weeks we recorded it. The song is about his time in county lockup for something or other. the phone effect was his idea and the song sounds really good for something that just kinda happened. Paul has a very good voice on this song and I'm sure we'll be working again soon.


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