Burn Notice

Kenneth M Sutton


I asked God, what should I play?, what do you want me to play?

Then I just started picking out something and I started to get a groove of a song.

The T.V. show " Burn Notice " was on and that became the title to the song, so I ran and started recording it right then and there with just a drum click to keep time. after I layed the guitar track, I begun to work on the drum track in " Reasons Redrum " and in about an hour I had it all worked out. Burn Notice is born!. The next day I tracked a bass line for the song and worked on the guitar tracks to add some meat to them and just played the song over and over for two day's. I then begun to mix the song and then mastered it and just played it to see if anything need to be added, the more I played it the more I liked it how it was and and left it to what you hear now. I know some might say it needs this or it needs that, but after you play it over and over you find it's right just the way it is.


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