Artist Interview: Kenneth Sutton (SweetKenny)

Artist Interview: Kenneth Sutton (SweetKenny)


Tell us about yourself and your music

Kenneth M. Sutton aka “SweetKenny” is an American Composer / Songwriter
from Michigan. I have over 420 songs written and composed and am adding more to my catalog all of the time. The music I write is for “Film / Television and Video Games”, although I still release “Rock & Metal music as it hits me. I have a presents on Google so if you do a search on me “SweetKenny” you will see I have a lot of music out there.

Talk to us more about your latest release

I just released an album titled ” Epic” in February of this year and am now releasing my second album on May 26th, 2017 titled “Music Composed For Film”. both albums are series of songs composed for Film / Games / Television and other media’s. you can find them and all of my music on all of the outlets on the net.



What inspired you to write this release?

Oh I get inspired by all kinds of things, I watch a lot of TV and movies and listen for the music cues, I think of new way’s I can write the score for that scene. I also get asked to write for cues in peoples projects. one time I was asked to score a guy’s short film, he wanted new music to his slasher film but didn’t have a copy of the film without music. so I was asked to score over his score. I came up with a “Killer / Slasher” score with a lot of heart pounding ambient music and piano in it. it all fit and he’s a happy guy.




Any plans to hit the road?

No plans to do the road as of right now, but I might.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I try to stay on top of the music, with today’s music and so many doing it, it’s hard to keep out front, I look for sites and others who are doing my style of music and network with them. sometimes you hit it, and sometimes you don’t.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Jerry Reed and Elvis Presley, it clears my head from all the composing I do. sometimes I’ll dream songs I’ve been working on and I fine listening to other types of music keeps me from a lot of that.


Tell us about your passions

What gets me out of bed is “God”, I couldn’t do any of this at all without The Lord on my side. I look forward to composing music everyday and I do do it everyday, it’s on my mind all of the time. even when I go out to the store I’m thinking of music, I write little notes to remind me of things or something that pops in my head, I have so many scraps of paper with stuff written on them it drives my wife crazy. what can I say!

What else is happening next in your world?

Oh man! I want to build a big studio and a sound design studio where other’s can build their dreams in film and games. and see it all come alive. a place where kids and young people who are just starting out can learn from all of us older ones.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Kenneth!



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 “Artist Interview: Kenneth Sutton (SweetKenny)

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    Thank you for interviewing me ArtistPR, i look forward to all the great things in my future in music and working with all of you at ArtistPR.



My album "Ancient Hunter" was reviewed by a member of and after reading the review I sent the writer a thank you. this is what the writer wrote back;

^__^ It was a pleasure and I meant every word of it. I had to remind myself a couple times that it was just an album and I couldn't go look up and play the game. XD It had moments that felt very scifi. Not in the super sleek, robot way, nor the space ships zooming about everywhere. More in a sort of.... I don't know, maybe futuristic Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider way. Say if those were set 50 years from now and had the adventure mixed with a subtle, healthy dose of scifi.

I was more than happy to do the review when Matty asked me to do it for the magazine, and all the more happier when we decided to make the magazine obsolete, so the review (and all the other articles) could reach more people and give you more exposure.


Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to what you come out with next.


Album Cover Ancient Hunter

I was first introduced to the music of Sweet Kenny earlier this year, via the official WoodBangers song “A New Dawn” (which was released as a single and on his June 2015 album Fleabag Hotel). Since then, I have had the pleasure of listening to many of his other albums and have enjoyed them all. Sweet Kenny has not restricted himself and his music in one certain kind of style; this man loves music and it shows because he experiments and makes all kinds of songs and albums. So when I heard he already had another album coming out, only a few months after “Fleabag Hotel”, I was impressed with this man’s passion for his craft, but also eager to see and listen to what new sounds my ears would have the pleasure of soaking up. He did not disappoint when he released “Ancient Hunter” last month. True to what he’s done on previous albums, it was something new and different from what he’d done before, but just as well composed and thought out. This time around, he went with a video game vibe to the music and I loved it. It made me feel like I was listening to the audio of an edgy adventure video game. And I literally found myself wanting to play this game that didn’t exist, just to see the scenery and know the story! Sweet Kenny has proven once again that he is an amazing musician with a true passion for what he does. Hell! He’s already working on his next album!! Does this man not sleep!? LOL He even creates his own cover art for his albums, and you can see clearly he wanted to evoke more of the video game vibe, by creating his own female action hero inspired by the lovely Lara Croft, to grace the cover in her adventures. Wonderfully done, on all accounts, Sweet Kenny! Keep up the kick ass work and I can’t wait to see what you do next!
“Ancient Hunter” is the latest album released by Sweet Kenny, featuring 11 new video game inspired tracks that are meant to take you on an adventure. You can find album on Google Play and Amazon.

Article by: Pyro



Woodbangers Theme Song

Staying in Michigan, here's the newest recording from Dafter solo hard rock artist Ken Sutton (a.k.a. SweetKenny), as he's provided the official theme song for WoodBangers Magazine, a music publication/online community that he actively supports and is involved with on various levels. Entitled "A New Dawn", the instrumental track can be heard via assorted videos on the WoodBangers YouTube channel in the past two months, is well promoted on the WoodBangers website (including a sale copy), and it can be streamed in full on SweetKenny's Reverbnation page, though no word on if we'll see it on one of his upcoming albums. "A New Dawn" has more of a dramatic slower feel than SweetKenny's usual faster rock songs, and it admittedly doesn't sound like something that a magazine named WoodBangers would have as it's official theme, but it's a well written and often tense song that has a lot of work put into it, and fans should like it! Give it a listen above.


What is the title of your upcoming CD? How did you come up with the name?
The title of the album is " Amazonian ", I came up with the title purely by chance, it just kinda popped in my head.
Is this your first CD and if not, how is this one different from the others?
This is my 10th album in about 2 years... it's a little heavier then the others with stronger guitar playing and more power to it.
Did you write all the songs before going into the studio or did you write them as you were recording?
As I was recording, I write songs sometimes thinking about a title or a line in my head, but most of the time on the fly as I'm playing and recording. I kinda let the music and feel guide me. sometimes the whole song will change into something else when I start playing the bass or adding another guitar line.
Walk us thru the process of writing your music?
I never know what I'm gonna play " Never ", I pickup my guitar and I ask God, what do you need me to play? and what ever comes out is what I work with. you can never go wrong with asking the Lord!
Where did you record and why?
I record all my music in my own studio WaterFall Records, I have no over head, no-one looking at a clock.
HHow did you pay for your recording?
It does cost money even if you own the studio and equipment. it's not totally free. you have to pay for lights and things like that. but it's not the cost as if I was to go to someone's studio.
Did you have a producer or did you self-produce? If so, what kind of input did the producer have. If your self-produced, why?
I do all my own production work. I really don't like anyone to produce me, how can they hear what's in my head, I know what feels right and if I make a mistake, or play the wrong note, I know it, I don't need anybody to tell me it was wrong, or I need to play it this or that way.
Did you try to capture your "live sound" or did you go for something else?
A kinda mix to tell you the truth. What you hear is what you get. What I mean is, if I make it perfect and take out all the mistakes, I lose the feel of the song. I'm not gonna make it perfect on stage right!
Did your record label have any input into the music you recorded?
I am the record label.
Are you pleased with the final product?
Man am I pleased, it all came from what God put in my heart, how could I not be!
Where will we be able to pick up a copy?
You can pick up your copies at ,iTunes, and just about everywhere on line.
Will you be touring to promote your CD?
As of right now, I am working on putting a band together to take on a tour.
Would rather be recording or playing live shows?
Both!! I love doing both, there's nothing like the stage!!
Anything you would like to say to your fans?
Yes there is something I'd like to say.... It's because of God and you the fan that makes all things happen for every artist. I'm so thankful to have such great fans and support from all walks of life that it makes me want to do this each and everyday. I wake up looking forward to hearing from the fans and people who enjoy what the Lord has givin me. Thank You All!! I love!!
Kenny ( SweetKenny )
And thank you for interviewing me!! God bless!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SweetKenny - "Ink!" Review

It's time for our 61st monthly CD review at the SMS (and last before factoring all local punk bands into our selections), as we're hitting the Sault Michigan area for the first time in over 8 months in this series, with this month's review being of Dafter hard rock artist Ken "SweetKenny" Sutton's eighth solo album "Ink!" Chosen over his newest album "This End Up" (which came out last month) for this review due to it's heavier material, "Ink!" came out on March 23rd, and was recorded over the preceding months at Waterfall Records. Featuring just Ken on vocals and all instruments, he describes this CD as a "heavy rock" fun album with freestyle playing, and you can buy it at CD Baby right now for $9.99 in mp3 format, $12.97 on CD, or 99¢ for each individual song, or on BandCamp for $12. The full album (which features full songs with vocals as well as instrumentals) can also be streamed for free on SweetKenny's website too, but support his work by buying it as well! A 10 song album running for about 48 minutes, let's begin this review with a look at the first song!

"Ink!" starts with "Shake, Shake, Shake!", which begins with the exclamation "Gee Mom, all the guys are doing it!" before launching into the actual music, and if you're familiar with SweetKenny's recent original work, the bluesy hard rock essence and riffing will fit right with your expectations. Catchy little number, Ken's Elvis-remniscent vocals return for this track, though the stop/start chorus vocals seem like a mood killer and don't flow with the surrounding verses. The song does meander a bit late, but Ken's guitar skill is on full display, and there's enough heavy action to go around to please fans! I just wish the choruses were livelier on average. Second is "Bridge to No-Where", a slower instrumental track that is reminiscent of a cleaner sounding Sykotyk Rampage, and while it doesn't reinvent the wheel from many of Ken's recent instrumental tracks, it has a very solid guitar melody, and the drum tracks are catchy for the backing rhythm! Very solid showcase of SweetKenny's range of musical talents, though the song admittedly feels more like a summer road trip song than one on the title bridge.

Third on "Ink!" is "This Is Not Where I Wantta Be", which is about a time in Ken's life when he felt trapped, only for God to save and help him. Despite the themes, this song is similar in musical style to much of his past work, aside from more reserved (yet lyrically strong) melodic singing. Deliberately paced, the song's structure can be a bit muddled, which contrasts the meaningful and impassioned vocals. Interesting track with a good personal message, but the previous songs seemed to be put together better on the whole. That's followed by "Burn Baby Burn", which is simply about "the things to come", though the song does feature more religious themes. Vocally, Ken's singing is more rangy and dramatic than we're used to seeing, which adds a different wrinkle, but it doesn't work too well on the shaky choruses. Muscially, it's a strong familiar composition with a constant melody, and the guitar work is a standout here! Another solid track, it should attract an audience too, but the somewhat forced singing may not be for everyone.

Song #5 is "It's All Because Of You", which is the only song on this CD to run for under 4 minutes. A song about a type of girlfriend that Kenny thinks most guys have had over the years, this has the most basic song structure yet, but it's to the point nature and direct lyrics should strike the right chord with many listeners! I like some of the vocal effects and layering, and the spoken word asides lend a lighter feel to this track that people in some types of relationships might identify with. Not the heaviest song on the album, but one of the more consistent, with a steady rhythm and melody, and it's one of the better early tracks! Sixth is "Squahanna Two Two Two Two", whose title is inspired by the 1939 Three Stooges short "Three Sappy People", and Ken provides some callbacks to the Stooges and the short with spoken word bookends. Otherwise, it's the second instrumental on "Ink!", though the song doesn't remind me of something that would fit the title subject matter, being another mid-paced bluesy hard rocker. Solidly performed though, with a good pacing, effective guitar and bass work, and a clear sense of it's purpose, so give it a listen!

Then we have "A Hard Habit (To Get Where I Want To Be)", which is about following your dreams and what God puts into your heart. By far the slowest and most reserved song so far on this album, Ken's freestyle playing style feels more muted here, and the somewhat dark tone contrasts the optimistic message, but it's nice to see some variance to his usual sounds, and his Elvis Presley-ish tone is put to good use for a song of this style! Not the heaviest track on "Ink!", but fans looking for something a little slower might enjoy "A Hard Habit"! The eighth song is "Up & Down", which fittingly, is about life's ups and downs. The longest track on the album, Ken self described it as "a great guitar song", and it is the disc's third instrumental. More of a return to form for Ken's usual freewheeling hard rock sounds, with nice rollicking drum tracks, and strong guitar licks, though like on some of his earlier material, the song does seem to trail off and go in many directions by the end. My favourite instrumental so far though!

The penultimate song on "Ink!" is "Secret Life", which is about wanting to leave a girl, among other related subjects. Drawn out slower vocals overtop of usual hard rock action, I really like the guitar on this song, which is melodic, varied, and provides some of Ken's best solo moments on this album! I enjoy the composition and heavier moments, but the vocals seem like leftovers from another unused song, and they don't fit well here. Aside from that, this is probably my favourite song on "Ink!" just on a musical basis, and it's a great way to show off Ken's skill! The CD closes with  "They Like It Naughty", a slightly longer instrumental whose title probably refers to the feel of the song rather than any absent lyrics would have. Honestly, the song doesn't feel particularly "naughty", but it does have another solid guitar solo, a familiar groove, and some nice creativity to give "Ink!" a solid cap to this album. I'd probably have liked to see this song played at a faster tempo, but fans won't complain otherwise!

So, what are my final thoughts on "Ink!"? I say it's another consistent effort from Ken Sutton's recently prolific solo discography, and it maintains a consistent trajectory from his last album that we reviewed ("Perception" from last year.) It does improve on some areas, having more songs with instrumentals, slightly shorter tracks, and there's a better balance of songs, so standout tracks like "Secret Life" and "It's All Because Of You" are spread out more evenly! Nothing seemed rushed either, but some songs did meander a bit in their latter halves, and there is a sameness to the themes and melodies of some that might give some listeners deja vu from SweetKenny's other recent albums with vocals. I also think Ken should try to better match his singing voice with the song and/or lyrics, as that wasn't always perfect upon recording. A slight improvement on "Perception", Ken's solo material remains strong, so give "Ink!" a listen for some bluesy hard rock freestyle action, and look out for his new album "Amazonian" later this year!

I hope you guys liked this month's CD review! Our next look at a SweetKenny album (likely of either "This End Up" or "Amazonian") is very possible for early 2015, but that's pending how his release schedule and our review schedule shapes up. Next month's review on the site will be of a new metal, hard rock, or punk album if released before month's end, but in case none does, we'll begin reviewing archive punk albums frequently in gaps on the calendar, so we can get up to speed on that side of the local album spectrum! For reference, we're leaning towards The Northern Tragedy's "Home Ice" EP if nothing new comes out in August, but that's tentative. Stay tuned for more soon, and for weekend concert previews tomorrow! Thanks everyone!



Our Comments -

SweetKenny’s name says it all. His music is…well…SWEET! SweetKenny (Kenneth M. Sutton) is from the Motor City and he is not just another run-of-the-mill rocker. SweetKenny is a man of many talents and has spent a lifetime making his contributions to music and many other forms of creativity. This man has taught himself to play the guitar, engineered all of his own recordings, created all of his own cover art for albums, and so much more. We at WoodBangers are privileged beyond words to be graced with his presence.

SweetKenny began his “sweet” career at the age of 11, learning how to play drums. He began singing, playing guitar, and recording when he was 15. This all launched a great life and career for Kenny, as he has spent the years performing, recording, mixing, and mastering for many other artists. He also does cover art and even animation. He has done (and still does) album cover art for many other artists, and he has even done some animation for videos, shows, and even created cartoons. WOW! What else does this guy have up his sleeve? LOL!

SweetKenny has had placements in film and television, his music has been on Detroit radio stations, as well as internet radio stations around the world, and he has one hell of a discography. He recently released the album “INK!” on the 31st of March 2014, and he is already busy in the studio on his next album. For anything else and everything else SweetKenny, go to, where Kenny has posted the announcement that he is looking for band members from throughout the state of Michigan. For anybody out who thinks they got the goods to keep up with him, an inquiry and information can be emailed to He can also be found at It would be an excellent idea to go to these sights and check out all of Kenny’s stuff and see what he has done…we do not want to spoil it for anyone.

Article by: Captain Cole



Wednesday, Dec 11 at 3:12 AM


Sweet Kenny, you have an impressive bio and playlist with grumpy, grueling guitars. I should hire a dancer for my band. ALL NICE! Charlie

Natalla y Los Suenos

Natalla y Los Suenos

Saturday, Dec 7 at 5:12 PM

The Scorpion King!!! Rockin Cool Track!!!



Thursday, Nov 28 at 3:11 AM


"Can't Drive"..Great Song!!
Thank you so much for connecting!!

Best Regards~

SweetKenny's New Album, New Solo Guitar Videos, And More!!

Before we post my review of last night's show at The Canadian Nightclub, we have a new news post on this Sunday morning! Today, we have assorted shorter recent news items, and a bunch of stories relating to local solo guitarists, including two new video uploads and a long awaited CD release, so here's what you need to know!

Dafter, Michigan solo hard rock musician Ken "SweetKenny" Sutton's new album "Cracks In The Wall" is finally on sale! After being delayed twice from the originally planned Halloween release date, his seventh original CD (and third of 2013) finally came out on Friday, and you can now buy it on CDBaby! The album goes for $12.97 on CD, $9.99 on mp3, or for 99¢ for each track individually, so check the above links to pick it up, or stream it for free at this location! Described as a "heavy rock blues style feel album", "Cracks In The Wall" (which was recorded this year at Waterfall Records) has just 6 songs, giving it the same EP length as "Doo Hickey" from earlier this year, but unlike it's preceding 2013 releases, the new CD is all instrumental with no credited guest performers. I got a good vibe from this CD on a first listen, so fans of SweetKenny's past work shouldn't be disappointed, but when is a formal review on the SMS coming?

As we just reviewed the slightly heavier & longer "Perception" earlier this month, a review of "Cracks In The Wall" won't happen until May 2014 at the earliest, as we don't review albums by the same band twice in a 6 month period out of fairness to other bands. Check it out though at the above links, as Ken's prolific and entertaining original material is well worth a listen!



Monday, Nov 18 at 8:11 AM


Hi SweetKenny!
Thank you very much for stopping by!!!
Fucking nice ROCKIN´ guitar Sound man!!!!
Keep on doing what you can!!! ;D
Thanks a lot for Support! KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!\m/


SweetKenny - "Perception" Review!!

With our busy news stretch passed, now's a good time to post our 53rd monthly CD review at The Sault Metal Scene, as we're taking a look at Dafter, Michigan hard rock artist Kenneth "SweetKenny" Sutton's sixth studio album "Perception"! His newest album as of this writing, I chose this one over the upcoming "Cracks In The Wall" (which was postponed to a November 22nd release date) due to it being heavier overall. Released for sale on June 30th, "Perception" was recorded at the Waterfall Recording Studio in Dafter earlier this year. Unlike on SweetKenny's previous album "Doo Hickey", Ken handles all instruments & programming, along with most vocals, with former Plastic/Bent Rollercoaster drummer Paul "Dorothy" Burns providing guest vocals on the second track. "Perception" can be bought for $9.99 in mp3 format (or $12.97 on CD) at this location, while all 10 tracks are available for a free stream at this link as well (each song title below is linked through there), though buy the whole album to support Ken's work! His longest 2013 album, "Perception" has 10 songs stretched across 44 minutes, so let's begin our review with the first song!

"Perception" begins with "Daddy's Little Girl", which begins with a hard driving riff that has a fast road trip feel, and Ken's vocals match the mood well, but his gritty tone doesn't strike me as the best use of his voice on this one. Relentless and quick song here, and it gives you the vibe of a drive down the open road, with his instrumental talents put to good use on one of his heavier recent originals, but I'd have liked to have seen more melodic singing and more of a guitar solo. For coming together by accident, it turned out nicely and is a fun and heavy way to kick off the album! Track 2 is "Pages the Break of Dawn", featuring former local hard rock drummer Paul Burns on vocals, who wrote the lyrics based around past experiences of his in jail. Featuring a unique element of the lyrics being a phone call, the song has a Sykotyk Rampage essence with it's trance-sounding instrumentation, though if you're expecting something heavy, only the lyrical impact would fit. Paul's singing isn't the most refined or rangy that I've heard, but it fits the mood and message, and knowing the song's based on real events, everything works for what it is (and best of luck in Wisconsin!)

Next on the CD is "Burn Notice" (named after the TV series), an instrumental hard rock number that has a solid groove that, while never getting too fast and intense, keeps steady with solid hard rock riffing and drumming! Nice bass too, even having something of a surf quality on some of the guitar work, though some of the instrumentation sounds a bit staticy. I would be curious to hear lyrics based on the "Burn Notice" show here, but it's an effective instrumental that delivers the rock goods and never bores in the process! Fourth is "All Lost, No More", a song about Jesus Christ and his acts of healing from a few Bible passages. Having a slow rock vibe, Ken employs his Elvis Presley-esque vocals here in a very deliberate and clear manner, which I imagine was deliberate to get the song's spiritual messages across. Nice vocal control and bass on this track especially, and while it's well played and has good emotion, the structure and pacing offers few surprises, and you may not appreciate the lyrical content unless you have good knowledge of the Bible.

After that, we have "Groovin' Zombie", another instrumental (aside from a brief Elvis callback) that, while not sharing much in common with zombies, has a fun groove to it! Nice and melodic with solid guitar work as expected, it's one of the longer songs on "Perception", but it never gets bogged down with repetition or drawn out stretches. Everything comes together well for a lighter rocking sound, with the guitar riffing and lines giving most of the song's bright moments! I think I prefer "Burn Notice" in terms of enjoyment, but "Groovin' Zombie" is no slouch either! That's followed by "Magic Girl", which is based on Ken's memoriues back in Detroit-area bands of some of the "freakier" girls back then. Almost bluesy in tone, this song features spoken word verses and sung choruses, which work well to tell the story, but if you don't listen and get into the story, you might find this to be repetitive after a while. I enjoyed that angle, and I liked the more extensive guitar solo, so while there are more technical songs on "Perception", "Magic Girl" has it's own unique flavour!

Seventh on the album is "Oungago Mustard" (named after two words from a CAPTCHA identity test), which, at 5:46 long, is the longest song and third instrumental on this album. It has a jam/classic rock feel that is entertaining throughout, with solid and varied guitar riffs, a constant energy, and nice backing drumming! It doesn't feel like a 5 minute+ track, which is a good sign, but I'd have liked to have seen a guitar solo and maybe a faster stretch to shake things up a bit. Still, "Oungago Mustard" keeps the good feelings going! Then, we have "Bad Take", the album's shortest track (despite being 3:41), which tells of Ken's feelings about what was real in life, and the Lord's message to him. It reminds me of "All Lost, No More" in themes, vocal style, and pacing, albeit with more of a bluesy/jam feel to the instrumentation, so if you like that song, this one should be up your alley! I will say that the choruses here are a bit monotonous vocally, and the music itself isn't as lively as on previous tracks, but given the lyrical content, I wouldn't expect it to be.  Not my favourite song on "Perception", but it's very consistent!

Second-last is "Time For A Change", which leads off a quick drum intro into a slower rock instrumental (completing the 8 song alternating pattern of having/not having vocals.) This one has a bit of a darker essence while retaining Ken's classic hard rock vibe, though unlike some of the previous instrumentals, "Time For A Change" doesn't have the free-flowing energy or variance to keep it constantly interesting. Again, he handles the music nicely, with quality deliberate guitar work, but compared to the earlier instrumentals, it's not quite on the same level. "Perception" closes with another instrumental named "April That Girl of Mine", that improves on "Time For A Change" by having a more energetic driving sound led by some really good guitar work, but it sounds a bit fuzzy at times, and there isn't as clear of an overall structure as one some earlier songs. The bass is really good though, and Ken's solo instrumental talent is on display to end the album on a good note!

So what's my final verdict on SweetKenny's second 2013 album? I think it's a better release than "Doo Hickey" in terms of musical quality, but it's not perfect. The equal distribution of instrumentals and full songs with vocals is the biggest outward difference, but beneath that, the songs were longer, less repetitive, and didn't sound as rushed as they did when I first heard one of his albums. The songs were generally a bit heavier and more lively too, which I appreciated on tracks like "Daddy's Little Girl" and "Burn Notice", and Ken's time-tested skill and songwriting is there in the clear! That said, I found "Perception" to get a bit stagnant and slow in the latter half of the album, with Ken's vocals not as varied and rangy when we did get them, and a couple of the songs sounded a bit staticy & fuzzy when there was a lot of simultaneous instruments. I'm not sure how this stacks up in quality to it's upcoming all-instrumental successor "Cracks In The Wall" (which I haven't heard in-depth enough yet to comment), but "Perception" is so far SweetKenny's best 2013 effort, and I'm very curious to hear his next studio output!

Next up, Dafter, Michigan hard rock artist Ken Sutton (a.k.a. SweetKenny) has uploaded his seventh solo album "Cracks In The Wall" to listen to for free on his website at this link! The follow up to "Doo Hickey" & "Perception" from earlier this year, it's still scheduled for it's paid release on Friday, but fans can now stream the songs beforehand to see what they think. Recorded at Waterfall Records, Ken describes "Cracks in the Wall" as a "heavy rock blues style feel album", and unlike his last two releases, it's all-instrumental with no vocals or guest musicians, though he emphasizes the freestyle nature of it. Length-wise, it's basically an EP with only 6 songs (similarly to "Doo Hickey" in that regard), and the songs on it are "Can't Drive", "Some Kinda Song", "Big D", "Goose", "Booze & Broads", and "The Scorpion King", so click each link to hear them! Now, given that it's paid release is impending, will "Cracks In The Wall" be this month's CD review at the SMS? Actually, we're actually going to review his last album "Perception" first, as it's slightly heavier, and in cases where we have two unreviewed new albums from a band in the queue, the heavier one gets priority.

Album review: SWEETKENNY – Jennifer’s Box Of Junk

Sweet Kenny

Waterfall Records/TSM [Release date: 2013]

‘Jennifer’s Box of Junk’ is both a title and concept. As song writer/ guitarist Kenny Sutton explains: ‘each song had to be something you would put in a box of junk’. Make of that what you will, but apparently ‘Jennifer’ was both the name and starting point for an album that opens with a Satriani style note bending shred, but eventually moves away from the imposing whammy bar wall of sound to concentrate on some strange lyrics that suggest a troubled soul.

The best track is the instrumental drone of ‘Blackjack Moan’ which starts with a single guitar and drum machine and adds a white noise collage of sound and a soaring psychedelic buzz guitar over the closest Kenny gets to construct a groove.

The problem is that he sets himself a high musical standard early on that he fails to match on the rest of the album. ‘America Hottest Mum’ for example, is a Michael Katon style tub thumping slice of mid-west rock and roll and ‘Blackjack Moan’ is equally good, but the following ‘I Don’t’ Know’ sounds ponderous in comparison and is perhaps meant to reflect a tale of the previous night’s excesses.

SweetKenny’s best moments come when Ken Sutton and his partner his guitar playing partner Scott Schroen gives reign to their instrumental talents and build a drone like wall of sound. For the rest there’s an uneven blend of demo standard efforts such as the heartfelt but clumsy ‘But Only To Find Out’ – which lacks coherence and needs a better vocal – while the redneck slobber of ‘Little Girl’ is plain embarrassing and completely wastes an interesting guitar tone.

‘Used, Hurt, Payback!’, is a dark, diary recollection of a disappointed lover, delivered over a shimmering guitar line which uses a portentous chord change to reflects a creepy vocal.

The opening metal shred of ‘Jennifer’ is also curiously at odds with the gentle opening verse and troubled lyrics, before the guitars rescue the piece.

The album was recorded by long time buddies, the Michigan based Kenny Sutton and Berklee School of Music graduate Scott Schroen who is based inAtlanta, and though the pair have successfully exchanged music files and ideas, the album is missing real drums. There are some clever guitar parts and layered sounds, but the album cries out for a tighter production, better song structure, more consistent vocals and an organic feel

At least the plaintive ‘Makes Me Wanna Cry’ features Kenny best vocal over a hypnotic Eno influenced soundscape. At times you can feel the direction the duo is aiming for in those moment when the music evokes the lyrical meaning, though the song‘s emotional input is hindered by a deadening drum machine. The end-piece of the song cleverly slips into acoustic demo mode in a refreshingly organic finish to an otherwise claustrophobic effort. ** (2/5)

Review by Pete Feenstra

Sunday, March 31, 2013

SweetKenny - "Doo Hickey" Review!!

Let's end the month with an Easter present, that being our 45th monthly CD review at The Sault Metal Scene, and today, it's of Dafter, Michigan solo guitarist Kenneth "SweetKenny" Sutton's fifth original solo album "Doo Hickey"! Released TODAY (and recorded) through his independent label Waterfall Records, this is Ken's first of at least two scheduled 2013 albums, and it features him on all instruments, save for the guitar, which he shares along with frequent collaborator Scott Schroen on the first 5 tracks. As of this writing, "Doo Hickey" can be purchased for 99¢ a track on CD Baby, Amazon, & iTunes, with physical discs available on CD Baby as well, though note that the full mp3 album cost there is almost double what is is on other sites. As well, the whole EP (which has just 6 songs under 22 minutes in total length) can be streamed on SweetKenny's website, so click here to check it out before buying, and each song title is linked to it's streaming cop! Without any further adieu, let's begin with the album's first song, "Prescription X"!

"Prescription X" starts with an almost surf rock intro, and it in this short song (one of two under 2 minutes long), it feels very condensed, almost like Ken started verses early to fit the shorter runtime. The heavier guitar riffs are good, and Ken's singing (which has a higher tempo Elvis-esque tone here) fits well for the mood of the song, but it all feels very rushed compared to longer later tracks on "Doo Hickey", and I'd like to hear this song even with a minute of extra runtime. Second is "I'm Lost Without You", which has a slower pacing to start, with almost a bluesier hard rock tone, but the structure does feel more natural than on the opening song. I like the groove of this song, which has a laid back mix of styles, and Ken's lower singing fits the mood very well! The spoken word asides add some levity without taking away from the song (which surprised me a bit), and overall, if you like a bluesy take on progressive rock, you'll like "I'm Lost Without You"! I just wish there was more of a solo, and maybe a bit less repetition.

Third is "January Guitar", an initially softer number that definitely seems to call upon Ken's Elvis tribute past vocally, before building out of nowhere into a more aggressive and scratchier chorus, then fading back. The instrumentation is effectively intricate, but the choruses feel too abrupt and jarring for a change to the song's feel otherwise. That said, Ken & Scott's guitar work is very nice, the singing's effective, and it has a floaty essence that's a welcome change, so it works on that level, but I'd liked to have seen the verses and chorus flow in a more natural way. Next is "I Met A Girl", which has a bouncy riff to start and some effective old school-feeling vocals, and it definitely feels like a song from the 1970s in tone! That said, the guitar work does seem somewhat repetitious, and the structure has some messy transitions (though not as obvious as on "Prescription X"), and I would like to hear it a bit longer than it is. The pace and Ken's singing work well though, and this is a solid rocker for what it is!

Second last on "Doo Hickey" is "Alone", which is the EP's shortest track, and it reminds me of a bit heavier and better structured variant of "January Guitar", and it has a nice guitar melody and good melodic rock singing! That said, it's way too short, and it feels like just the first part of a longer song that wasn't completed, but for it's length, it works as a mid-tempo rock original! Now if only it had more of a guitar solo. This album closes with by far it's longest track "It's Like Darkness & Cold Rain", which is also the only purely solo song on the EP. Maintaining a darker slow pace, Ken's Elvis-esque singing flows well with the backing instrumentation, and he gets ample time to show off his guitar skills in the middle of the song, but it feels like this song could have used a heavier interlude or some sort of tempo change to break up the song, which feels overlong at 7 minutes in length. That said, this song shows Ken's multiple instrument skill nicely, and though it's somewhat of a down note to end "Doo Hickey" with, his talent can't be questioned!

So, what's the final word on SweetKenny's newest EP? I liked a lot of it, but there were some things I'd have fixed. On the positive side, Ken Sutton has a nice vocal range that suits the material, whether he's channeling his Elvis influences or employing a grittier side of things, and both his and Scott Schroen's guitar work shows a lot of talent cultivated over decades of experience! The songs show a variance of influences too, so there's a little something for everyone, though myself, I took to "I'm Lost Without You" the most of the 6. There main aspect of "Doo Hickey" that I'd like to see amended on future albums is the song structures, either for repetition, short length, or rushed/messy transitions. Had those been addressed, each song could have really stood out even more, as there's a lot of good in this EP! Also, while this isn't a universally heavy release, Ken shows aspects of it here, and on earlier albums like "Jennifer's Box Of Junk", you can see a lot more as well. Overall, while imperfect, there's a lot to like on "Doo Hickey", and hopefully "Perception" builds on it with even more quality SweetKenny work!

The news keeps on rolling in, and for this 23rd straight day of updates, we have a mix of things, including the latest confirmed band for the next local battle of the bands, the closely nearing deadline for registrations, and a pile of shorter recent news items, but first, here's some information on a new upcoming metal album release, and when we'll be reviewing it on the site!

Dafter, Michigan metal solo artist Ken "SweetKenny" Sutton will release his fifth original solo album "Doo Hickey" on March 31st! (Well, his sixth if you count last year's best-of compilation.) As revealed on his various online pages, including the album's page on his website, the album will see Ken teaming up with Detroit-area guitarist Scott Schroen (of The Ugly Radio Rebellion), who he has worked with on past material, but Ken will handle some guitar parts along with all other instruments. Sound-wise, Ken revealed that this will have "the Detroit rock sound", the sound of Sammy Hagar meeting The Doors, and a progressive rock feel, which all sounds intriguing added up! Scheduled to be released through his independent label Waterfall Records in just under two weeks, the full album (which is of EP length with only 6 songs) can be heard for free at this location, but it WILL be available for sale on the 31st through online music sites such as CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, presumably for 99¢ a track or $5.94 for the full release.

With a streaming copy available online (and with Ken sending me an advance copy), I'll confirm right now that "Doo Hickey" will be the subject of this month's CD review at the SMS! It'll be our first Sault Michigan review since last summer, and as a result, I've tentatively bumped our review of Woods of Ypres' "Independent Nature 2002-2007" to next month, likely close to the Juno Awards for obvious reasons. Stay tuned by March 31st for our review of SweetKenny's newest album, and for more updates soon!

SweetKenny is on page 60 of this magazine!



Monday, March 11, 2013

A New Local Metal Project, A Rediscovered Music Forum, And More News!!

Now two weeks into our current posting streak at the SMS, we're focusing on mostly Sault Michigan news today (along with a note on an old message board in Sault Ontario that I just came across), so that plus some more assorted news is at the end, but we're leading off with a new band discovery, so here's what you need to know!

We have a new Sault Michigan-area solo project to add to our band links, and it's from regional singer/guitarist Ken Sutton, a.k.a. SweetKenny! A Detroit native who currently lives and works in nearby Dafter, Ken is a longtime veteran of various Michigan music projects over the past three decades, and among his resume, he's played in the Detroit band Labyrinth, mixed & mastered many albums, produced artwork and animation for other projects, and wrote scores for video games and independent movies, of which you can read more on via the biography on his website. In terms of his current solo project, Ken's been working on original material under the SweetKenny moniker since at least 2010, and he's already released five albums online on various music download sites since 2011! As buyable on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon (and streamable via his website), his albums include his solo "stripped" debut "Raw & Honest", and four 2012 albums, including the softer-leaning "Footsteps", two heavy albums named "The Whole World Is A Fantasy" & "Jennifer's Box of Junk", and an Amazon-exclusive "best of"collection.

Amidst song postings on Reverbnation in recent months, Ken's 2013 plans include the releases of at least two new albums entitled "Doo Hickey" & "Perception", and these (along with his past solo CDs) are likely to be recorded at the Waterfall Recording Studios in Dafter, which he owns and does work with other artists through (click here for information on that front.) I've been familiar with Ken's work in the past, but I'm surprised it took this long for us to connect the dots and cover his music on here! His music is wide-ranging in sound & appeal, but he's clearly a very talented and proficient guitarist, and his songs are often very heavy with a nice classic sensibility! Vocally, Ken's singing changes a lot depending on the song, and I've detected influences from Ian Gillan, Elvis Presley, and Alice Cooper in the songs I've heard! (The latter two aren't a surprise, he's apparently been a tribute artist to both in the past.) There's so much ground to cover, but so far, SweetKenny has a little something for everyone, and his guitar skills are clear as day!

Definitely check out Ken's solo work at the above links, and if the releases hold up for his 2012 albums, I would like to review some SweetKenny albums on here! We've been starved for recent Sault Michigan-area albums as it is since Theatre of Night's most recent release. I've added both SweetKenny and Waterfall Recording Studios to our links on your left,  and for a video, here's his 2010 music video for his song "Friends Again"! Interesting mix of Elvis-esque vocals and funk rock, but it has a good groove, and trust me, he has plenty of heavier tracks to check out at the above links!

Thanks to International Talent Magazine, Inc.

you can read about SweetKenny's new cd "Jennifer's Box Of Junk"

so click the link ( HERE) and pick up your copy today!!

Now this is real rock!

Brummett and Lynn

Brummett and Lynn

I love your music! keep rockin! God bless! :)


Yanze Lee

Yanze Lee

Great work, great compositions, a very talented musician !!!!!!

My Mate Dave

My Mate Dave -  Indie

Lift Your Hands Up!!! great tune... liked all your songs


MayanMaze -  Electronic Dance Music / Ambient / Tribal


Road Runner , Asia Really like them the most , the others are still great ! good work



Jaykle -  Other / Fusion / Hip Hop

So cool having VIP fellas like you around! You have a rocking summer! Keep on delivering the goods!

- Jason Knox


IMPURIA -  Alternative / Rock-Botic / Industrial-Glam-Pop

very entertaining & exciting rockin beats... amazing musicians & great voice...



Kenny, we really appreciate it!..Your an excellent musician an we wish you all the best and success in 2012 and beyond,...BTW, I was born on 1960 and started playing drums when I was 11 years old and I remember those 2 track tape recorders too, that's classic!...Anyway, you have a great Fathers day yourself and enjoy, God Bless, Rocko-(Pete) & JV-(John)

The Honest Mistake Band

From: Artist - The Honest Mistake Band
Twisting Faith

Twisting Faith -  Rock / Blues / Funk

Awesome track record my friend. You're a great talented musical genius. It's a pleasure to have you here and thanks for sharing and being a fan, we are too. Keep up the excellent work. God Bless


Rock on! The Doors would be proud! You have a great Stay in touch! LIstening to your tracks and you are the real deal!

Route 64 -  Country / Classic Rock/Contemporary Rock / Rock/Blues/Country Rock/pop

06/15/2012 12:33 PM

Really liking the guitar heavy mix and guitar tones you've put together.

Well Trained Monkey -  Other / Electro-Funk Tiki Lounge Fusion

06/12/2012 5:22 PM

SweetKenny is now #1 on the local charts for Dafter, MI.

This is what is being said about SweetKenny's new song titled "PURE"

Brilliant! Love it cause it's RAW & to the point! Honest & how it is. A song Record Labels would avoid releasing - not good for the image - But a song I would PROMOTE because it needs to be heard!

Kim Nicolaou (Luke Music) 

This is what has been said about SweetKenny's song titled "Losing You"

Yes Dude, you got the sound - lovely stuff man. Your vocal is much tighter on this track! Happy New Year.

Kim Nicolaou (Luke Music)

  road runner ~ leaving tracks in my mind ~ positive vibes "
- pinksideofthemoon, Positive Vibes 

Nice things are said about SweetKenny's song "Road Runner", here are two reviews

"Cool track - nice melody and counterpoint bass"



"Nice guitar Dude - Good composition - flows & I like the contrasts in the track - Proud to have you in Artists United Luke Music!"

Kim Nicolaou (Luke Music)

"Hi, in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future. you have crated an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold... "Nick""

"Huge respect for the music of freedom !!! Wish U All the Best and I'll spread the word about you! "Rafael Chaves""

  hey, great music, from the heart...its clear! your song,"this is a journey" says so much ,with the music! its all about the journey! much respect,~g~ "
- gwamba, "Great Music" 

Here are "Two" (2) comments on animation videos one (1) for the video "The Quest For The Hearts Of SweetKenny" and the other for my "The Graveyard" video promo.

4roanoke has made a comment on Quest For SweetKenny:

Excellent work. I like the way the dust stirred up when the door closed. Looking forward to the next episode. Well done.

4roanoke has made a comment on Graveyard:

Excellent, love your camera work and graphics. Looking forward to seeing more :)








Hi all,

I just had one of my "DEMO" songs reviewed by a group of artist on

The song is titled "Friends Again" this is what they all had to say.


Friends Again

SweetKenny - SweetKenny (KSutton) WaterFall Records

focus group has 25 participants

Your song is considered better than 38% of music submitted to MusicXray.

Average rating
based on 25 participants

Questions asked

  • Do you like the style of the song? 68% yes
  • Is the vocal ok? 72% yes
  • Would you buy this? 8% yes

Your song falls in the 38th percentile


Here is what ParamountSong has to say in a letter to Ken about 4(four) of Ken's songs he sent them.


What Went Wrong?

Guilt Inside

The Winds Of Change

Where Do We Go From Here!


"Dear Kenneth,

What great music you've sent us! We believe your work has outstanding hit song potential.

So much so, that we're very pleased to award you a Songwriting Contract.



The SweetKenny Team

Just when we think he's gonna relax and take a break, Sweetkenny comes up with another thing in entertainment. This time he's coming out with his own video game. right now he's in the design stages of the game but with SweetKenny it's sure to be a good one. we'll keep you all posted about this, so untill then, work hard at what you love and love your hard work. The SweetKenny Team.
SweetKenny is a solo artist with his own style and sound in todays, everyone looks and sounds the same music, he has influences from Elvis Presley to Alice Cooper and on, so with SweetKenny you never know what he's gonna sing. His new solo Cd "The Bellybutton Club" (that was cowritten by Michael Stevenson) set to be released in Novemeber is sure to be a hit with songs like "Temptation", "But WithOut You" and "One-Nite Stand" just to mention a few. "Oh"! and the videos, SweetKenny has some of the most beautiful girls in them, Cleopatra, Amy, and Bree, their so hot you can't keep your eye's off of them. SweetKenny is sure to be on everyone's mind this year and for years to come. WaterFall Records.
Hi!! I just had to tell you that your music is awesome and lately I recommended your stuff to a lot of people i know. BTW I'm from Artyom, Russia and recently I have been selected to be our college radio station (over 20000 listeners) music director... I'd love to give you some spins.. Mikhail...
I have visited your numberonemusic and myspace site today and I really enjoyd your music!! i'm not using myspace too often but you can reach me by email anytime. Please, keep me updated i will listen to all your music keep up the wonderful work! take care, Your New FAN Chris
This is a comment in an email sent to me from "Hey SweetKenny, First off, Temptation is a cool track! Alexandria..."
I just joined this site a week ago. Weekly Stats 'SweetKenny' Number One music profile: Total plays: 1152 Profile views: 931. ------------ But WithOut You (The Bellybutton Club) Votes: 7; Current Rating: 4.64; Highest Position: 7911; Reviews: 0; Crazy In Love remix (The Bellybutton Club) Votes: 3; Current Rating: 4.5; Highest Position: 7942; Reviews: 0; Temptation (Various) Votes: 8; Current Rating: 4.75; Highest Position: 9; Reviews: 0; You have 79 fans currently subscribed to your mailing list.
Keeping Me Inform "Hey Ken I was randomly digging for new music.Turns out you pop up fourth.I was pleasantly surprised.Keep it up. Beth"
Something Nice From A Fan "Heyyyy Your music is amazing my favourite song is probably but without you All yous songs are top notch byeeee"
Comment From A Fan "Love your music... it hits the heart, I'm glad I came by your n1m page. :) "
A SweetKenny Fan Asks: "u are awesome for real by the way do you have any merch or cd for sale and is it possible to buy with paypal? Kathleen"
A Nice Comment From A Fan "yeah i checked you out when i added you. You got a lot of good things going for ya. Keep it up. alison"
I really dig the tune Crazy In Love...nice work, keep it up!
hiii =) my friend got me to listen to one and i really liked it =) and i would love to hear it live...! do you think you can get your music put on V cast? because i love your stuff and i would love to download it. to listen to whenever i want. thank you
Hi I could just listen to your music all day, everyday. It makes me feel as though all my stress and worries have went away. you have touched my soul.
This was sent to me in a email about my film scores I have on Albert Alvarez writes; "Hi ! Your music is very amazing! really i'm selling in renderosity my music and i like to found another places on selling my music the problem here in Rendo, this is a 3d comunity and very few albums are sold... You sell in soundclick? i see that can buy tracks individualy, works? Thanks for all!! Greetings Sorry for my english, i'm spanish Albert Álvarez"
SweetKenny's weekly stats on, notice the Hightest Position for "Temptation", the song has only be posted for 3 weeks Weekly Stats 'SweetKenny' Number One music profile: Total plays: 2773 Profile views: 1655. ------------ But WithOut You (The Bellybutton Club) Votes: 17; Current Rating: 4.56; Highest Position: 573; Reviews: 0; Crazy In Love remix (The Bellybutton Club) Votes: 13; Current Rating: 4.31; Highest Position: 540; Reviews: 0; Temptation (Various) Votes: 18; Current Rating: 4.58; Highest Position: 9; Reviews: 0;
SweetKenny On Studio2Radio? Hi Ken, Checked out your page and listened to a few of your songs. Your bio reads like you'll fit right in with our group of artists. Did you get a chance to listen to the station? Thanks, Studio2Radio


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The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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